Places of Pilgrimage—The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, home of Meher Baba’s Samadhi or tomb-shrine in India, is at  The Meher Spiritual Center in the U.S. is at    Avatar’s Abode in Australia is at  The Meher Baba Heartland Center in the U.S. is at  Meher Mount in the U.S. is at  A guide to places Baba visited in India is at

Bhau Chat—Bhau Kalchuri, one of Baba’s mandali, has an Internet chat almost every Sunday for four hours.  The chat is at  The video and audio stream is at

Baba Books—The Baba Trust has over twenty books by and about Meher Baba available online for reading and searching at  The Baba Trust Archives also has digital images, as well as typed transcriptions, of diaries kept by Baba’s mandali and of correspondence to and from Baba at  Lord Meher, Baba’s biography, can be read and at  Sheriar Foundation Books is at   The bookstore of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California is at  Searchlight books is at  The bookstore of the Meher Baba Association in London is at  For Baba books in India, go to 

General— , , , and

Baba Radio— is the site of a Baba Internet radio station that has downloads of a Baba interview program.

Baba Movies— has complete versions of You Alone Exist and God in Human Form, the latter film in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Telegu, and Farsi.

There are other Baba films that can be viewed at , , and  Also, now has over 300 videos related to Baba on it, including videos of Mehera, Mani, Eruch, and Adi.  Search for “Meher Baba.” 

Baba Listservs—These are forums for Baba lovers to share emails about Baba and Baba-related topics.  Also, a daily Baba quote is delivered via the Baba Listserv.  It is recommended to choose the “batched” option on the sign up pages, and

Amartithi Webcasts—The Baba Trust in India has a live video and audio webcast of Amartithi events on the days before and after January 31st at  This site also has downloads of past Amartithi videos, as well as of other videos.  Check in at the site a few days before the festivities begin for a schedule of events.

Tavern Talk—Sign up for this Baba Trust electronic newsletter at to keep up with the latest happenings at Meherabad, the site of Meher Baba’s Samadhi or tomb-shrine, and Meherazad, Baba’s residence in His later years.  It also publishes diaries of Baba’s mandali and letters that Baba had dictated to His lovers.  

Baba Magazines—Glow International is at  Love Street LampPost is at  Meher Baba, a Telegu Baba magazine, can be read online at  Information about Meher Pukar, a Hindi magazine, is at  The Awakener (discontinued) can be read online at

Baba Centers, Groups, and Retreats—India: Bangalore: Bhopal: Delhi:  Hyderabad: or  Jabalpur:  For more centers in India, go to or  U.K.: U.S.: Atlanta and Athens: Chicago:  Denver: Hawaii:  Meherana:  New Orleans:  New York City: Northern California: Oregon:  Southern California:  Tampa Bay: www.meherbabatampabay.orgTwin Cities, Minnesota:  Washington, D.C.:  For more groups in the U.S. and elsewhere, go to or

Baba Websites in Languages Other Than English—
Farsi:  or , Spanish:  or , French: , German: , Norwegian: Hebrew: , and Chinese:  

For Baba movies in languages other than English, please see the listing for “Baba Movies.”